Stairway to Six


Looking to experience Stairway to Six before committing? Have questions that you would like to get answered? Join my special Stairway to Six mini-series to take the risk out of your commitment.

My Stairway to Six Program: From client enrollment to the close, is open for coaches who want to take their business to the next level. Several dedicated coaches have already registered and many others have questions about what the program experience will be like. That’s why I have created a mini-series with content taken right from the program that I am going to teach just like I do during Stairway to Six. This mini-series offers 5 different 1-hour sessions and was built for you to get key takeaways that you can implement immediately to start growing your business AND to see if the program and the way I work are a good fit for you. There is no cost and no strings attached. Come and join one or all and experience Stairway to Six for yourself. I will be using material that is designed to move you forward and will be holding nothing back.

If you love coaching but are struggling with business development and want to know how to start building your business and earning a living as a coach today, please join me for these classes.

Mini-Series Details

Learn the three types of yes and what to do with a counterfeit.
Have you ever had what you thought was a great enrollment conversation with a potential client only to have them ghost you or not sign up? During this 1-hour, interactive event, learn from Master Coach, Gretchen Hydo, the 3-types of yes, how to spot a counterfeit, and what keeps clients from following through on signing the contract. Bring your real-world coaching questions and scenarios to the session so that you can be coached in real-time on how to close your next client.
Oct. 21, 2021
Connection Call Basics 101
You have a potential client that wants to have a conversation with you and possibly work together. You’re excited and nervous and hope that they say yes and that you don’t “mess it up.". During this live session, come and learn the nuances on how to prepare for the call, create true connection and value for your potential client, while learning what to say, how to connect, as well as the boundaries that need to be in place for you to enroll a paying client. Bring your questions and real-world scenarios to this highly interactive event.
Oct. 28, 2021
Master Your Mind to Master Your Business.
We all have stories that we tell ourselves that create our world. The mind is built to look for the deficiency and to create evidence to keep the story going. Let’s say that your mind is telling you a story that says you aren’t good enough at business to find paying clients. Maybe it’s telling you that you shouldn’t have quit your day job. Or maybe, it’s saying that you aren’t cut out for sales. Whatever we believe, we create. Your mind will find the evidence to make it true! During this session, you will learn how to notice the story that the mind is showing you and learn ways to create new evidence so that you can get out of your stuck story and start building a prosperous business. Bring your questions and real-world scenarios to this highly interactive event.
Nov. 18, 2021
Learn the art of enrollment through storytelling.
Stories sell. Details don’t. A key to a successful enrollment call is to become a skilled storyteller. When you focus on the details of what coaching with you looks like, (how many times you will meet, how long the sessions will last, and what your program costs), your potential client will glaze over and lose interest. Their left brain will engage, and all possibility of what they can accomplish will slip away and will be replaced by their active problem solver who is worried about how to pay for it. When you engage the right brain with stories, your potential client will relax. They will see themselves in the scenario, they often realize through stories that if coaching worked for others, it can work for them. But, you have to be able to paint a picture that they can step into. During this 60-minute class, you will leave with your own story that you can use to be more successful with your connection calls.
Dec. 2, 2021
Money, Money, Money
Let’s talk money. We’re going to get down and dirty and talk about what coaches earn and what they don’t and the reasons that they are standing in their own way. During this session, you will leave with three principles that when applied, will help you to learn to serve instead of sell. You will learn how to up your value and what to do when your client states that they can’t afford your fee. The go-to answer of giving them a discount is a no-no. This session will show you how to effectively talk about money without worrying about people-pleasing your client or devaluing your services. Bring your money questions to the table so that we can have an open conversation about the thing that everyone wants to talk about.
Dec. 9, 2021
"I believe that Stairway to Six is a must for all coaches looking to generate a sustainable income, build relationships with other coaches, and learn from a master at the top of her game. You will be challenged and pushed beyond your comfort zone, yet have the support you need to rise to the occasion. I cannot say enough good things about my experience in ST6 so if this program is offered to you, just do it — it will be well-worth your investment!”
—Michael Z.