Do you want to hear a dirty little secret?
We all have secrets. Every single one of us has a secret we’re holding that keeps us in the shadow of small living. Secrets deliver a one-two-three punch. The first swing is the secret action, which becomes “the secret;” the second jab is the false story that you now tell yourself about who you are because of the secret action and the secret (e.g., I am the worst kind of worst because I had an affair and, therefore, am inherently untrustworthy for life), and the knock-out punch is the why behind the secret action—ultimately the” big secret” (e.g., childhood conditioning and faulty wiring taught you low self-esteem and the belief there isn’t enough love to go around for you). It’s exhausting living life in the boxing ring.
Break Free From Your Dirty Little Secret - book cover
I created the Secret-Breaking SystemTM because one didn’t exist when I needed it most. When I was 26 years old, I nearly stabbed my husband in the middle of a church because I was out of my mind and driven by frustration and fear. I’m a put-together woman with a professional career, accolades, and a family. But in that moment, I was a little girl, triggered by feelings of abandonment and the collective weight of my secrets. I was an A-class secret keeper and almost missed out on my great big life. And I am not alone. Millions of women are suffering from the shame of their secrets, confused about their value, and unaware that what drew them to create secrets in the first place was inevitable.
Here’s just a handful of secrets I’ve heard from hundreds of women in my professional and personal life as a Master Certified Coach, trainer and mentor:
Large or small, silly or serious, we’ve all been conditioned to hide our secrets. And we let them define us. We lean into our secrets, the story, the drama, the shame and get comfortable. Our dirty little secrets are serious business because they have tentacles that lead to keeping more secrets so that we can keep ourselves from public embarrassment and shame.
No matter how we hide our secrets, we are left to manage their side effects; the lies that they tell us about who we are because of what we’ve done, the way they make us feel and behave, and the way they inevitably, keep us isolated or playing small in one or more area of life.
We may think that we have a handle on our secrets and that we’ve compartmentalized them so that they aren’t hurting us or anyone else, but we are wrong. They bleed over, stack up, and take up mental storage, leaving us with no extra room or capacity. This book is an anthem for you, and all women who are ready to break free from the shame they’ve been holding because of their secrets. It is an antidote to give voice to the truth. It is a gong of encouragement to end the cycle of secret- keeping, shame, and small living.
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It's time to tell your secret.

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