Break the rules, shed your secrets, change your life
This life-altering book shares the 10-Stage Secret-Breaking System that will help you break free from the rules and beliefs that hold you back and handcuff you to living safe and small at work and in life. And, take the work deeper with the companion workbook: Tell Your Secret.

Renowned author and coach Gretchen Hydo shares her brilliant 10-Stage Secret-Breaking System to pull back the curtain, champion women to stop hiding behind their big secrets, step out of shame, and come into the light. Women from around the world fearlessly share their secrets within these pages to free themselves and others from the shackles that bind them. Unafraid to share her own secrets, Hydo’s teachings, exercises, and lessons urge us toward the ultimate goal – a life of truth lived in our fullest power. It’s time we take charge of a life beyond our wildest imaginings. Break Free from Your Dirty Little Secrets: A New You in 10 Secret-Breaking Stages is a breath of fresh air, and a much-needed beacon for women everywhere. It is the female guidebook for the next era, and the key to health, wealth, and a newfound love affair… with yourself.

First is the “shameful” action you took that you are keeping secret because you think it goes against the ‘rules’ you are supposed to live by;

then there’s the false story you’ve been telling yourself about that action usually this goes something like “I’m a bad person because of my secret”;

and finally, today you are seeing the results of living a life that’s been built around this lie, this false identity.

Secrets gather momentum and create false narratives that turn into the lies we women believe about ourselves and cause us to become physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick. It’s time to live a new way!
Written by:
Gretchen Hydo
I’ve bashed people behind their back for being on antidepressants, telling others that it’s a cop-out and that they should pull up their sleeves and work on themselves. The truth is, I’m on an antidepressant and felt ashamed that I had to take it. I felt like I was weak and defective because of it. After using the 10-Stage Secret-Breaking System, I share my experience with other women who feel ashamed about taking medication. And today, I congratulate myself for taking care of my mental health.
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Shirley, Secret-Breaker
Why do we need a 10-Stage System to do all this?
Because whether small, silly, or serious, we’ve all been conditioned to play by the rules and hide our secrets. The 10-Stage Secret-Breaking System will give you the tools and exercises needed to reveal your internal programming, the way you respond to life and the why behind it, as well as the coping mechanisms you use to feel safe and seen. Our dirty little secrets are serious business because they have tentacles that keep our entire lives small.
Curious about secrets that I have heard from hundreds of women in my professional and personal life as a Master Certified Coach, trainer and mentor? Here are a few:
Photo of Gretchen Hydo putting her finger to her lips and saying, "SHHH."
...and on and on and on.
I’m terrified of not being accepted by others. My secret behavior is that I people-please and say yes when I mean no. I over commit and resent others and avoid my own wants and desires to play by the rules. This played out in a big way with my husband. I wanted to adopt a baby and he didn’t. I went along with it and people pleased knowing that the baby meant everything to me. After doing the Ten-Stage Secret-Breaking System, I got a voice and we adopted our beautiful baby girl. That never would have happened if I didn’t learn to live by my own rules.
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Becca, Secret-Breaker

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