Not Lost in the Crowd with Gaelen Poage


Deep service is anything but "Fluffy"

Everything that you do in life and how you want to project yourself causes a ripple effect. Saying “Hi” to a person who’s having a bad day could cause a very positive ripple effect. Learn the power of this ripple effect with your host Gaelen Poage and his guest Gretchen Hydo. Gretchen is a certified master coach who helps people solve their problems to find their next level of self. Discover her story and how she became a coach. Find out what it means to have a service mindset. Learn more about her upcoming book Dirty Little Secrets of Women. And, understand more about the power of the ripple effect. Listen in and learn the true meaning of coaching!
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Ep 6: Right Turns Only With Gretchen Hydo

In this episode we cover a range of topics such as what’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy. How to overcome negative emotions. Is it possible to rewire our brain, rewind mental tapes and shift our emotional home? She shared her wisdom on secrets, what causes them, why do we keep them and so much more! Buckle up people!

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