Swipe Right Podcast with C.K. Collins


One of the central themes of this week’s The Swipe Right Effect Podcast is breaking free from the burden of secrets. CK Collins and her guest, Gretchen Hydo, encourage listeners to explore their secrets, no matter how big or small, and understand the impact of their childhood conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. The key to shedding secrets lies in accepting and forgiving oneself, and gradually revealing these secrets to safe individuals who can offer support and understanding. By releasing shame and guilt associated with secrets, individuals can move towards healing and embracing their true selves.
Say Goodbye to Secrets & Shame with Dr. Nina


Binge eating can feel like a dirty little secret. Luckily, we can break free from both secrets and shame. Gretchen Hydo, master certified coach, is on the show today. Gretchen shares her secret-breaking strategies and shares how her strategies apply to all kinds of secrets. By shedding our secrets, we can change our lives, leading to high-level transformation and the freedom of authenticity.
Photo of Gretchen Hydo
In a world that values authenticity, it’s easy to overlook a hidden universal truth. We all have secrets! Society’s emphasis on presenting curated versions of who we are can cause us to lose sight of the profound impact our secrets have on our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.


Session Two: Understanding Your Past (with Gretchen Hydo)

This series is Inspired by Author Kim O’hara’s self-help book “No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse: Making The Choices That Can Change Your Life.” Based on Chapter Two, the next step in the early days of coming out of abuse denial is facing memories about the past, and asking ourselves exploratory questions. From here, you will develop the story of what happened and how you were shaped. Join Kim to explore and process elements of Understanding Your Past is Guest Author Gretchen Hydo.

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