“My VIP day with Gretchen helped me to uncover old stories that were blocking my success. We did intense work to clean up my money story, my habits, beliefs and mindset and created my vision for my business and life for the New Year. Complete with action steps, programs and accountability, this VIP day changed my life. Four days after my time with Gretchen, I closed $25K in sales and have more in the pipeline. Thank you Gretchen for continuously challenge me to live at peak performance.”
— Matt S.

Matt S.

VIP Day with Gretchen Hydo

  • Do you have an A-type personality?
  • Do you have a big vision that you want to breathe life into?
  • Are you driven, like the bottom line, and want results?
  • Are you looking to up-level your life?
  • Would you like to experience transformation and freedom in a few key areas in your life?
  • Is your money story blocking your earning potential?
  • Are you looking to strategize and grow your business and career?
  • Are you passionate but lack focus and follow through?
  • Do you have focus and follow through but lack passion?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, VIP Days are right for you.

VIP Days are designed for A-type, efficient personalities who are driven productive, and effective. As a VIP you can expect to experience movement, breakthrough and results, fast! VIP days are created specifically to meet your needs, eliminate your blocks, and shift your perspective. Whether you want to find your purpose, change your money story, or build your business, this intense environment will leave you changed. VIP Days are concentrated and focused so that you can experience transformation.

Prior to your schedule VIP Day we start with a 1.5 hour kickoff session where your needs, goals, and desires are determined. We focus on key themes or topics that are most important to you. Prep work is sent to prepare your mindset and information is gathered so that your coach can create a VIP experience that will be meaningful, moving, and productive. Typical VIP Days are 4-8 hours in length and can be done over a 1 or 2 day period. Combined with follow up support and accountability, this powerful and personal process shines a light on where you are reacting to life instead of creating the life you were meant for.

If you are curious about this program, please schedule a 30-minute session here.