If you’re ready to see unparalleled successes through curriculum specially customized for your brand, then Leadership Coaching is perfect for your business. Corporate coaching offers a unique opportunity for workgroups to learn and grow together. The experience enhances working relationships and improves the workplace environment.

The group dynamic allows participants to share common experiences and support one another. Give your team the clarity, motivation, and activation to create their collective vision and ripple effect throughout the workplace.

Corporate coaching groups are typically limited to 16 participants in order to foster an intimate space, conducive to close collaboration. Each program is specially tailored to meet the specific needs of the group at hand and the criteria of the company. Topics, timeframe, duration, and location are all customized to ensure optimal outcomes.

Individual coaching for top and striving performers is also offered to help take your leaders from good to great.

Possible Topics Include
What clients are saying

Gretchen was open and collaborative in making sure she met our needs, but honest and grounded in her own approach. She didn’t just copy and paste a presentation; she created something fresh to fit our needs. Gretchen is a highly skilled presenter and facilitator, engaging the group and challenging the participants, but keeping things fun and flexible throughout. Our participants found the workshop highly valuable and indicated on an evaluation that they would like to attend more workshops led by Gretchen.

-Kami McClure, Director of Programmatic Development,
The Saban Research Institute, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

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