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In a world that values authenticity, it’s easy to overlook a hidden universal truth. We all have secrets! Society’s emphasis on presenting curated versions of who we are can cause us to lose sight of the profound impact our secrets have on our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.


Session Two: Understanding Your Past (with Gretchen Hydo)

This series is Inspired by Author Kim O’hara’s self-help book “No Longer Denying Sexual Abuse: Making The Choices That Can Change Your Life.” Based on Chapter Two, the next step in the early days of coming out of abuse denial is facing memories about the past, and asking ourselves exploratory questions. From here, you will develop the story of what happened and how you were shaped. Join Kim to explore and process elements of Understanding Your Past is Guest Author Gretchen Hydo.
Building Better Business Podcast with Gretchen Hydo


Host Shakeena Johnson's interview with Gretchen Hydo

We all have a passion for doing something. We just didn’t know that we could make money out of it. Maybe, it’s time to take a risk and show up as your professional self. Join me and my guest, Gretchen Hydo, Master Certified Coach in International Coaching Federation, as we discuss your passion, start-up as an entrepreneur, and how to drive sales conversations. Tune in to learn more topics!
Negotiate Your Best Life Podcast with guest, Gretchen Hydo


Negotiate Your Best Life Podcast Ep. #366

Join Rebecca as she and Gretchen Hydo talks about how to break free from your dirty little secrets. Are you ready to break free from your secrets? Find out all about how to do with Gretchen’s proven method in this episode! Gretchen Hydo holds the highest designation of Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, is an author, keynote speaker, and trainer. Considered by many to be one of Los Angeles’ top coaches, she specializes in guiding individuals and organizations to make high-level transformations by breaking the rules, shedding their secrets, and changing their lives. Her 10-Stage Secret-Breaking System™ helps people step away from their default legacies and lean into a created future. As author of the books Break Free from Your Dirty Little Secrets: A New You in 10 Secret-Breaking Stages and the companion workbook Tell Your Secret, she is dedicated to helping women break free from the lies their false Self whispers about who they are and what they’ve done, and step into bigger living. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

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