Stairway to Six - from client enrollment to the close. Build your six figure sales strategy start to finish.

You're a certified coach.

Your business is up and running and you’ve got the basics covered —
but enrollment is still hard. You don’t know why some people become clients, while others don’t.

Finding new clients and making money is … a struggle. You know that other coaches are making six figures and you want to learn HOW.

You’re ready to get to the next level (except, you don’t know how to move forward).

It's time to shift your strategy.

In Stairway to Six: Build Your Six Figure Sales Strategy Start to Finish, Master Certified Coach Gretchen Hydo will walk you step by step though becoming a master at client creation and business strategy so you can sell out your coaching practice over and over.

Stairway to Six Program Overview

In this six month mastermind, learn how to:

+ Fill your new client consults

+ Ace the client enrollment process

+ Create daily business practices to up-level your income and your coaching skills

+ Sell through service so clients are searching for you—not the other way around

Other than working with Gretchen one-on-one, the Stairway to Six mastermind is the best way to learn from an experienced six-figure coach alongside other like-minded coaches.

You’ll get direct access to Gretchen through two full-day sessions, two 2-hour live online sessions each month (mix of daytime and evening sessions, all recorded), and a private Facebook community for your Stairway to Six cohort.

This program is FOR YOU if:

+ You’re certified at the CLC level (equivalent or above)

+ You’ve launched your business and you have one or more clients who are getting results

+ You’re confident in your coaching skills

+ You believe in the power of coaching and investing in yourself

+ You’re tired of having an empty calendar and an even emptier bank account

+ You’re ready to do whatever it takes to become a full-time six-figure coach

This program is NOT for you if:

+ You’re not yet a certified coach

+ You haven’t coached any clients yet OR your business isn’t yet set up to accept clients

+ You’re not sure of your coaching skills or why your clients aren’t getting results

+ You do not believe in the power of coaching and investing in yourself

+ You’d rather “see what happens” than decide what happens and create it for yourself

“I purchased the program because I was having difficulty finding, enrolling and charging clients. To be honest, I couldn’t give my services away. Gretchen showed me what I could do differently to enroll clients. She taught me how to do it, and say it, the right way. This program changed me, my life, and my business forever. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to enroll clients and grow a successful coaching practice.”

-Kalen V.

If selected to join the Stairway to Six mastermind, you’ll have 48 hours to register and pay your deposit to hold your spot. If you’re not selected for this cohort, you will receive feedback to help you increase your chances of being accepted for the next cohort.


Join Master Certified Coach Gretchen Hydo for a 6-month virtual mastermind experience
that will take you step by step through the strategies you need to
build a six-figure coaching practice.

The 2022 schedule has not been set, but will be similar to the 2021 schedule, shown here for reference.

Full-Day Kickoff Session:
The Stairway to Six Figures!
Start your six-figure journey with an energizing all-day Saturday session that will lay the groundwork for the next 6 months. Walk out of day 1 with a powerful pitch, a client outreach strategy, develop a plan for never running out of prospects, and more.
Module 1
Fearless Coaching: Building Your Practice With Confidence.
Create a powerful vision for your coaching practice, master the enrollment basics, and overcome your fear of objections as part of your powerful business building plan. This business is about being bold!
Module 2
Client Connections: Where to Find Them and How to Keep Them.
Translate your vision into total clarity on your ideal clients, learn how to create client conversations, and dive into key tools for running your business.
Module 3
From Consultation to Close: Selling Your Coaching Effectively.
Learn the secrets to effective sales and “the art of the close,” overcome your selling fears, and develop your business processes around your sales strategy.
Module 4
Show Me the Money! Money-Making Strategies and Mindset.
Uncover your thoughts about money and learn how your money stories affect your client relationships, set financial goals for your business, and overcome your clients’ money objections. How we do money, is how we do everything!
Module 5
Get with the Program: Packaging Your Services.
Connect with what your ideal clients want and need, design your programs for optimal results, learn how to command your fee with confidence, and create a plan for launching your next offer.
Module 6
Taking it to the Streets: Positioning Yourself and Planning Your Next 6 Months.
Learn how to position yourself as an expert through writing, speaking, and teaching; uncover the stories that will attract your ideal clients; and start creating your vision for the next 6 months of your business.
Full-Day Closeout Session Use the building blocks of the last 6 months to launch into the next phase of your six-figure coaching business in this intensive final session.

Specific dates for the 2022 course have not yet been set.

Every live session includes:

+ Structured teaching on key enrollment concepts and business strategies

+ Small-group breakout activities to put your new skills into practice

+ Spot coaching and Q&A

+ A 20- to 25-minute Hotseat Coaching session

+ Assignments and accountability with your buddy coaches and accountability partners

All sessions will be recorded and made available live in the Stairway to Six: Build Your Six-Figure Sales Strategy Start to Finish Back Office from recording date through the end of the program.

“After deciding to start my own virtual nutrition coaching business, I knew I needed some guidance when it came to business. A close family friend recommended Gretchen as a coach for coaches and for building businesses, and after a conversation with her i knew she was the coach for me. During my 3 months coaching program with Gretchen and being a part of her Build Your Business group, I reached milestones that would have taken me a year to reach on my own. I have made over $8000 in 3 months, I feel confident creating and closing clients, and I have a clear path of how to continue to grow and scale my business. I am so grateful for everything Gretchen has taught me and pushed me to do over the past three months, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their business and grow as a person.”

-Emily D.

Program Bonuses

Gretchen’s library of worksheets, tools, and trackers to support your business through this program and beyond.

A reading list of must-have books for coaches that you will definitely want in your library—with prompts and teaching through the 6 months to help you make the most of each one.

Facilitated book group in place to keep you accountable with the must-have books and set you up for success. Each month we will have a 1-hour session to discuss that month’s books, insights, and transformational moments!

Rotating peer coaching to keep your coaching skills sharp, receive continuous feedback, and get coaching for yourself between program sessions.

Assigned accountability partners to keep you on track with your goals, assignments, and exercises within the program.

Private Facebook community access for 9-months. You will have access to Gretchen and your coaching colleagues after the 6-month program ends.

Access to Gretchen’s coaching community calls with her free network of coaches the first Wednesday of each month.

“Gretchen Hydo’s Build Your Business group has been tremendously helpful to me as a new coach and first-time business owner. I’ve learned about the type of coach I want to be, what I want my practice to look like, my money mindset, and how to find, engage, enroll and retain my ideal clients. Gretchen is authentic, creative, direct and service-oriented. With her support, I am building a thriving coaching practice! “

-Carrie C.