Break Free to Bold

6-Month Intensive for Women

*Make the Rules, Shed Your Secrets, Change Your Life*

B.O.L.D. (Believe in Bigger - Overcome the Expected - Love Yourself - Design Your Life)
Believe me I know.
I’ve been exactly where you are.

It’s time to go deep within yourself to change your narrative, quiet the inner critic, make your own rules, and rid yourself of labels that don’t serve you.

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You do you!
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Now for the deets…let’s talk what’s included in this life changing, transformative program.

Program Details

Two (2) 3-Day In-Person Retreats (Lake Tahoe, CA and Scottsdale, AZ)

Get out of your current surroundings and get to know yourself and other women who are seeking what you are seeking. It is a good way to reset, unwind, and be in community. In a nurturing environment, you will be able to begin unlocking who you are through facilitated discussions, exercises, and experiences.

Monthly Group Learning

We will meet together twice (2x) a month on Mondays from 4pm – 6pm PST to go deeper into your learning. We will uncover and explore the core elements that shape you and pull back the curtain on the layers of what makes you, you. We’ll also work with the tools (see below) you’ll receive during our time together that allow for the inner work needed to say hello to BOLD.