Top 10 Ways to Show Yourself Love

February is the month of LOVE.

Stores are filled with candy and gifts for loved ones. Restaurants are booked with people wanting to celebrate their love for each other over delicious food from a prix fixe menu.

But what about ourselves? How do you show yourself love?

To be able to have fulfilling relationships, it’s important that you are number one. YOU.

So how can you show love to yourself? Here are my top 10 ways:

1. Tell the truth about who you are.

No more hiding behind what you think will please others. Being who you are is right and perfect.

2. Examine the rules you follow and ask yourself why you follow them.

Rules are typically inherited, and while they are meant to help us, following the rules that other people set for us often turn us into secret keepers, which creates shame. It’s time to see what is true for you. If you find yourself feeling like you “should” do something, or feeling guilty that you aren’t, ask yourself which “rule” it is going against. Notice it. And then ask yourself if this is a rule that serves you as the person you are today.

3. Ask yourself if your future self would thank you for the actions you are taking today.

If they wouldn’t, you are living a life of default rather than one of power and empowerment, and it’s time for you to decide that your life, wants, and dreams are worthy of your attention. They can’t survive without your action.

4. Consider what you can do that will make you happy.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, “What do I need? What would I like?” It might be 5 more minutes in bed, a good talk with a friend, or a trip to Starbucks. But YOU count. We often think of what everyone else needs before we consider ourselves and we have to stop doing that.

5. Have a morning and/or nightly ritual.

This will help you to connect spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It’s a way to be kind to yourself. Maybe you include journaling, lighting a candle, meditating, a good cup of coffee or tea, a nice blanket, a morning walk, or a daily inventory of all that went well. Whatever it is, make it yours and look forward to it.

6. Have non-negotiables.

What parts of your day do you want to include time for yourself? Would you like 15-free minutes at lunch to take a walk? Do you want 30-minutes at 3 PM to reset? Whatever it is, make it non-negotiable. Maybe you have a hobby that you would like to do more of or a class you want to attend, but feel guilty for taking time away from other things. I give you permission to do it for yourself. If it were for your partner, spouse, child, or parent – you would keep the commitment. Keep them for you.

7. Catch up on your doctor appointments.

This is important. Are you caught up on the dentist, your general practitioner, or that colonoscopy? When we ignore our bodies, we ignore taking care of ourselves. It’s time to show yourself the respect you deserve.

8. Plan a trip.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant (but it can be). Travel is a great way to change your perspective, have fun, and enjoy new experiences.

9. Spend time with your friends.

Meet up with a group of 3 friends who lift you up and support you, your dreams, and your vision. Feeling loved, understood, valued, and seen are great ways to show yourself love.

10. Challenge yourself.

We have to stretch our limits in order to grow. What would be a fun challenge that would help you to expand your mind?

I have created a tool for you to dive deeper into loving yourself and stepping into a true and authentic you.

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