3 Ways to Face Your False Self

Photo of windows and reflective surfaces

Ladies, it’s time to stop hiding behind the mask. 

No, I don’t mean a physical mask, I mean the mask of lies, distorted truths, and false identity. 

It’s time to call out your false self and everything else that is holding you back from becoming the authentically amazing woman you were destined to be. 

For those who have been conditioned by their false self for many months or even years, this is much easier said than done, right? 

We’ve become so familiar with the idea that what the false version of ourselves has been able to offer to others and this world is what is considered the best way to navigate and lead in life. 

And yes, I know what you’re thinking. With your false self you have been able to manage. 

You’ve been able to still shine, accomplish, and remain close to living the life that you want to live. You’ve been able to feel like you have enough and you’re doing enough and that’s all that matters.

But if that’s the case, why don’t you feel satisfied? Why do you feel like you’re destined for even more in this lifetime? Guess what—that’s your true self speaking.

Hiding behind your false self will never allow you to feel fulfilled or truly live the life that you want. All that you want to do and accomplish can never be fully complete if your true self isn’t poured into everything that you do, and most of all, you will never truly be able to elevate. 

Your false self has scared you so much into thinking that if you do make a single change on the path that you’re on now, that you will ruin everything you’ve worked hard for to build up this false perception of success and progress. 

Letting go of this version of yourself is not easy. In fact, it’s not supposed to be. But it’s what your true, most authentic and powerful self deserves. Your false self is the “chain” that is holding you back from being free

Now, it’s a matter of breaking those chains. 

So, how can you come one-to-one with your false self? 

  1. Think about the areas in your life that you want to encourage change, but may feel too guilty to do so. This could be having more responsibility at work, pursuing some more of your creative talents, prioritizing self-care, wearing and doing the activities you want to do without fear of judgment. 

The more you can identify some of these needs and wants of your true self, the more your true self can start to come out and step forward. 

  1. Think about some of the patterns your false self has bullied you into creating. Our patterns often show up in the world through what are called, “shadow behaviors.” These are often behaviors that don’t align with what your true self would do. This could be anything from violence, promiscuity and negative self-talk to overeating, overcommitting, and overdoing. The list can go on. 
  1. Now that you’ve got some of your secret-keeping behaviors and patterns out on the surface: 
    1. Identify which patterns and behaviors display your false self
    2. Identify which secret behaviors contributed to your secret actions
    3. Identify how your secret behaviors speak to your false self’s narrative

Doing the exercises above are just a few ways to face your false self, and see the evidence of how much it has been able to control your life and your narrative. 

With these behaviors and patterns in mind, think about how these are hiding the truth behind who you are and how you can break some of these patterns. Doing so will allow your true self to take the lead. 

Facing your false self is not easy. It’s a difficult journey that will take time, and it may even feel uncomfortable to let go of. The more you do so, the more your true self will come out. 

Once that happens, you’re just a step closer to fully living your truth. Remember, patterns CAN be broken and your true self is one that can be trusted and shine at its full potential. 

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