2019 Your Year of Transformation Group

2019 - a Year of Transformation with Gretchen Hydo.It’s a new year. Three hundred and sixty-five days of the same old, same old, are staring you right in the face. Your Facebook feed is full of new year, new you messages. And the promise of something more is on the horizon.

But how do you become a new you? Do you even want to? See the details of my 2019 Your Year of Transformation Group below.

You’ve set goals. You’ve hit some of them and some you haven’t. You have dreams, but they feel silly or too big or take too much time. You feel overwhelmed and can’t figure out how to fit one more thing on your plate. I get it. I see you. Me too. We all have dreams that we’ve pushed away. We all have goals that we’ve let go of. Everyone is busy.

And still, despite what you know, what you’ve tried, what you’ve let go of, you want more. You want to transform. You want to hope. You just need some help and accountability and a safe place to dream, explore, and to be real.

I want to partner with you this year. I want to give you the instructions, accountability and support that you need to be the you that you want to be. I want to help you transform and grow and break barriers, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk so that finally, finally – something can shift. You don’t have to become a new you. But together we can bring you closer to the things you really want – that you’ve always wanted.

When we take away the negative beliefs, the false starts and the reasons why we can’t, we find the other side of ourselves. A richer, fuller, brighter, and more satisfying life is there waiting for us to be brave enough to step into it.

If this resonates with you, see the details of my 2019 Transformation Group below. This is going to be a safe community where you can honor yourself and be honored by others. You will get group coaching for support and shared ideas and one-on-one coaching to intimately work on you. And it won’t break the bank. The monthly cost of the group is less than half the price of private coaching.

It doesn’t need to be a new you. But you can have a richer, fuller, brighter, and more satisfying life. Let me help you take the leap.

Happy new year. May this be your best one yet.

Transformation Group Focus:

  • Finding Yourself (You’ve Been Gone Too Long)
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • Uncovering Passion
  • Exuding Kindness
  • Affecting Change
  • Goal Setting
  • Deepening Your Spiritual Connection
  • Serving Others (Going From Me to We)
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Creating Abundance
  • Releasing Shame and Inner Blocks That Get In The Way of Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Creating Vision
  • Honoring and Taming Fear
  • Self-Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing Relationships
  • Strengthening Your Intuition (and Inner Divine)

How Does It Work?

The 2019 Transformation group is a three-tiered program designed to help you discover who you are, define your goals, break through blocks, and reach your next level of success – all for less than half the cost of private one-on-one coaching.

The group will meet once monthly, January through December 2019, on the online platform Zoom. Meetings are two hours in length and will always include teaching, spot coaching, exercises related to the topic, and group participation.

Each participant will be assigned an accountability partner to check in with weekly to help reach their monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. Progress will be tracked to maximize results.

Each participant gets a one-hour private coaching session with Gretchen each month.

A private Facebook group will be used for communication, check-ins, group topics, and support.

In total, you will receive 24 hours of group coaching, 12 hours of individual coaching, and 52-weekly accountability check-ins with your accountability partner. (All for less than half the cost of private coaching.). You will also receive a free copy of my new eBook, You Got This: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Good Habits (that you’ll actually keep).

Dates: Group sessions will be January 30, February 27, March 27, April 24, May 22, June 26, July 10, August 28, September 25, October 23, November 20, and December 18 from 6-8 PM PST. Monthly individual one-hour sessions can be scheduled here.

Pricing and Registration:
Registration: To register, please contact Gretchen Hydo at [email protected].

****Space is limited to 16 individuals.

Pricing: Tuition for this program is $333 per month ($3,996 for the year) to be paid by the 15th of each month from January – December 2019.

One time pay $3,333 (save $667 – two months free)

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