There’s No Magic Formula

Where's the Magic?Have you seen the infomercials for life-improving kitchen accessories? You know the ones I mean, where the actor in the commercial can’t seem to eat without spilling or all their Tupperware falls out of the cupboard on top of them. Then the infomercial makes promises about their product. It will make organizing a cinch, free up your spare time, and generally make your life better.

There’s a reason this kind of marketing works. We like quick fixes. We like to know that every obstacle we face comes with a neat solution available to us for three small payments of $49.95. We want to know that our difficulties can easily be dissolved.

As you and I both know, there are no quick fixes in life. There’s no magic formula that will ensure our success or bring us the life we’ve been dreaming of. There’s no secret, no key, nothing that will single-handedly launch you into a new life.

Don’t worry, I won’t stop with the bad news. As with most things in life, there’s a but. So here it is: There is no magic formula to propel you into success, but there are a few tools that will keep you moving forward regardless of your situation.

  1. Resilience
    Resiliency is your ability to bounce back when something throws you off your game. When you experience loss, failure, shame, or any other difficulty, resilience helps you dust yourself off and start over. It’s the ability to acknowledge trouble and do whatever necessary to overcome.
  2. Courage
    This means doing the things you’re afraid of. The creative, risky things that leave you worried about failure. Leaders and innovators are set apart by their willingness to step out to the edge of what’s normal or standard and take the leap into extraordinary.
  3. Kindness
    Practice it every day, on both yourself and others. Become an expert. Let it guide you. Live by it.
  4. Patience
    Trust the process. Let circumstances unfold without trying to control the outcome. Mastering this will bring protect your peace in the middle of chaotic, unpredictable situations.
  5. Discipline
    This comes down to your ability to do the hard things today in order to have what you want tomorrow. Don’t lose your focus or your vision. Take the baby steps, the big steps, or crawl if you have to. Keep your eyes on the goal and do what you can to reach it.

There are other great tools, of course, but these five are fundamentals that will help you navigate the uncertainty of life and overcome the obstacles you face.

If you’re ready to start adding some new tools to your life, schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me today! It’s never too late to begin building the life you want.

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