Your Independence Day

Your Independence DayThere are things that hold us back–mistakes we’ve made that refuse to let us go, regrets that pull at our attention, fears that refuse to be left behind. Unless we’re able to break free, these things dictate our decisions and keep us from reaching our goals. They are the baggage that keeps us from ever reaching our true destination.

How do we get free? It can feel like there’s little hope with the constant reminders what has held us back in the past. Here are a few things you can do to have your own Independence Day this 4th of July:

  1. Practice letting go.
    When the past creeps into your thought process and starts telling you all the things you can’t do, take note of those thoughts and let them go. Don’t hang onto them. Don’t obsess over them. Instead, let them continue on their way. Repeat this process until it becomes second nature. When the negative thoughts are gone, you can continue making decisions and moving toward your goals.
  2. Forgive others.
    Sometimes we carry the mistakes and bad choices of others with us. We mull over them and allow them to justify our own behavior. If we’re ever going to be truly free, we must forgive others the wrong they have done us and move on.
  3. Forgive ourselves.
    This is often the most difficult step. We blame ourselves for things and carry the burden of unachieved perfection with us. The truth is that we’re all struggling, we’ve all made mistakes and done things we’re ashamed of. Forgive yourself and don’t sacrifice your future for the mistakes of the past.

Though we may think we are free, a little introspection reveals that we’re carrying many burdens from the past. Some from others, some from ourselves. We don’t have to anymore. Let go. Forgive. Give yourself permission to live free.

If you need a jumpstart toward independence, schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me and join the Facebook group Shine On Purpose! Your future depends on your ability to be free of the past.

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