Are you living an accidental life?

Signposts with divergent signs: "Intentional" and "Accidental"As we look towards the close of 2016, I want you to consider this; are you living an accidental life?

We are all on this earth for a limited amount of time. The old adage, life is short and then you die, bears truth. If your number was up, have you accomplished all that you had hoped? Did you love as deeply as humanly possible? Did you live your life in a way that others knew what your dream was? What footprint would you be remembered for? Would it be one of courage or one of fear?

Too often, fear gets in the way and sets the tone in our daily routine. We experience setbacks. We get off course. We pick up beliefs that we have inherited and act as if they are our own, even when they limit us. We are told that dreaming is for other people, or we can’t make money at it. Have you ever stopped to question how the people delivering these messages know what is right for your life? Only you know, deep down in your core what you should be doing and how you should be living. Spend some time with that still, small, voice and see what it has to say. The power of living with intent is a game changer. It causes a shift in you and those around you take notice and are intrigued.

I encourage you to take a long and honest look at your life. It isn’t easy to make changes, but it can be done. Living with intention is a muscle that you can build. And it all starts with a choice. The practice, stumbling, and mastery are all part of the journey to something more. I invite you to a very special 5-week series that will help you to stop living an accidental life. If you want to finish 2016 strong and prepare yourself to make 2017 your year of intention, this course is right for you.

Here are what participants from the last intentional living group had to say:

“Gretchen is pure magic. I am a master at overthinking, overanalyzing, overachieving, and through Gretchen’s guidance, I am discovering the root of what I want an intentional life to look like. She has a unique gift of bringing light and focus to what our heart’s desire most in this life, to what brings us alive, and then, to what we are doing that is getting in the way of the living the life of our dreams. I cannot put into words how Gretchen does what she does… all I can say is that she is spectacular,” Leslie K.

“I was able to have the privilege to attend Gretchen’s 6-week “Live Your Best Life “group. It was not only transformational but also truly eye opening. I’m so much better prepared to live, communicate and enjoy life after she gave us tools to go out into the world and really truly live our best lives. I would recommend this and have to all of my friends and family. Thank you Gretchen, you truly know what it means to give people joy and direction.” Veronika R.

“If you are looking to discover more about yourself, find balance, and enrich your life in
ways that you only dreamed of, then I highly recommend working with Gretchen. She is incredible at coaching BOTH life and business and I am forever grateful for everything she has helped me accomplish,” Kallista C.

If you are ready to live a life of intention, register here. I look forward to walking the journey with you.

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