Life Accelerator Bundle: Three of our best life-design themed worksheets


Confidence is something that everyone struggles with. Having strong self-confidence not only helps with your personal and professional relationships, but also helps to stop the loop of negative self-talk. Raising your confidence will help you get more of everything you are wanting in your life, including an overall sense of acceptance for your and those around you.

This bundle has three strategic worksheets.

The first, Confidence: Stepping In To Your Authentic Self + 4 Confidence Building Tips will help you take a look your internal narrative and any old ideas that are holding you back from living your very best life.

The second, Building Trust in the Workplace: 6 Easy Steps, will give you the tools you need to confidently earn trust in all of your relationships. People who are trusted excel in their careers and relationships at greater rates than those who aren’t.

The third, What’s Your Freak Factor? 6 Steps to Define Your Personal Brand, will guide you through the process of discovering your personal brand. By exploring a unique mix of passions, skills, purpose and more, it enables you to see yourself more clearly and figure out what it is you represent. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what makes you so incredibly valuable and define your personal brand!

All three worksheets have exercises and practical tips that you can start using today.

Remember, when you change your mindset, you change your life!