Chasing the Root Feeling: What Drives Secret Keeping?

Close up of woman sitting at desk, writing in journal.

Take a minute to think about your root feelings – you know, those feelings that you truly desire.

What comes to mind? What is the feeling that you’re MOST concerned with getting? My deepest root feeling has always been SAFETY. 

Perhaps for you, your most desired root feeling is VALUE? Or LOVE? Some people’s deepest root feeling is simply to be SEEN or ACCEPTED. 

Root Feelings Produce Behaviors

Did you know that your root feelings can even affect your behavior? Think about that for a second

Sometimes your root feelings can cause you to have behaviors that you’re not proud of. 

For me, my root feeling of SAFETY caused me to start fights to prove that I was not safe. This led me to feel like I didn’t belong. 

So, you can see how sometimes our root feelings can actually have an adverse effect on our behavior, causing us to act in the opposite way. 

But, WHY DO WE DO THIS? It may not make sense, but it’s due to the fact that our minds have a limit to what they can receive. 

We think we want something. We chase after it. We sabotage it… All at the same time. 

Now that you’re aware of this, let’s discuss how you can get underneath this negative reaction to your root feelings. 

Defeating The Negative Reaction

One of the steps you can take to defeat this negative reaction is to truly KNOW what your root feeling is. 

What do you REALLY want? Go back to all those feelings you thought of earlier and narrow it down to the single feeling that means the most to you. 

Once you determine what your main root feeling is, write down what steps you have already taken to achieve that root feeling. 

For example, maybe you have taken the steps to save up money in your bank account. Or, maybe you have bought property. Either of these things could be steps you’ve taken toward achieving the root feeling of SECURITY. 

If your root feeling is VALUE, perhaps you have joined a lot of social groups to achieve that feeling. Or, maybe you’ve even taken on some type of service position. 

Now, write down what actions you take when you think you’re chasing your root feeling but are actually keeping you from achieving it.

Let’s recap… 

  1. Write down what feelings come to your mind that you truly desire. 
  2. Narrow those feelings down to ONE root feeling. Write that down. 
  3. Write down what actions are bringing you closer to your root feeling.
  4. Write down what actions are pushing you further from your root feeling.

By taking these steps, you’ll begin to see what your “feeling cycle” consists of. Because feelings do have a cycle. 

Ready For More?

Congratulations! You have now completed STEP 3 of my 10 Stage Secret Breaking System – Chasing the Root Feeling. 

You’ve done some deep thinking and you’ve determined which feeling means the most to you. Even better, you now have realized which actions you tend to take – some that keep you from achieving your root feeling and some that bring you closer to it. 

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