What’s the Secret to Reaching Six Figures in Your Coaching Business

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“What’s the secret to reaching six figures in your coaching business?” 

This is one of the questions I am asked the most often. You’re probably wondering what the answer is too, right? 

I get it. Everyone wants to reach that six-figure number. 

Well, you may be surprised to hear me say that there really isn’t a secret to reaching six figures in your coaching business. 

What it comes down to is your DISCIPLINE and your MINDSET. 

Act Like a Professional

So, let’s talk more about your mindset… This is one of my favorite things to teach my coaches. 

Do you want to reach six figures in your coaching business? If you answered YES, then it’s time for you to start acting like a professional in your career! Here’s how you can do this: 

1. MAKING CONNECTIONS – Set up business practices that will ensure you’re spending time thinking about who you can serve. 

This means that you should keep a list to track how many people you’re reaching out to each week.

Then from those people you’ve reached out to, track how many of them actually schedule a connection call with you…


  • How many of those people are you then inviting to have a coaching call with you?

  • From that list, how many of those people have you made a proposal to?

  • And finally, how many of those people are actually saying YES to your proposal?

Remember when you’re reaching out to all of these people and making those connections, that every YES is just as important as every NO. Your collection of NOs is just physical proof that you’re going for it! 

2. STAIR STEPPING – Think of this as practice for “stepping” up to that six-figure goal you’ve set your sight on! 

How do you do this, you ask? 

Start by figuring out the most money you’ve ever earned. This is a simple financial goal to set because it’s easy for your mind to believe that you can achieve it (since you’ve already done it before)! So you won’t have to worry about your subconscious deflecting or sabotaging your goal!

Once you reach this goal (again), then set your next financial goal which will be $5,000 higher than the last goal you just hit. What’s the best way to achieve this goal? Think of who your next client will be. 

The key is to set your mind on focusing on only one client goal at a time. When you try focusing on multiple clients at a time, you can get overwhelmed, create paralyzation, or become frantic.

Once you book that next client, you’ll be that much closer to your one hundred thousand dollar goal! 

Ask Yourself Why

Why one hundred thousand dollars? Why six figures? 

This is an important thing to ask yourself if you haven’t already. Think about this… 

What do six figures mean to you?

Who would you be that is different from who you are right now?

How would that amount of income change your life? Who would it benefit?

Having the answers to these questions on hand will serve as your motivation to keep moving forward toward your goal. 

What are Your Beliefs?

When it comes to earning six figures, you’ll want to have a plan for how you’ll approach reaching this goal. Consider these questions now so you’ll know how to approach everything later: 

What beliefs come up when it comes to earning six figures? 

What rehearsed beliefs do you have about yourself (or the world) when you think about asking people for money in your coaching business? 

Get a Coach

Lastly, you should find a coach for yourself! Why does a coach need a coach, though?

You’ll need a mentor. Not just to mentor you, but to coach you as well. Not just on what you’re doing, but who you’re being. 

Your coach will work with you along the way to assist you in raising the bar in your coaching business. 

Getting your own coach is as simple as setting up a consultation. Click here to schedule a consultation with me!

Put It In Motion

When you put all of these things in motion, you’ll look at your inner dialogue and insights. 

You’ll learn what is standing in your way and how to overcome those obstacles. You’ll learn how to work with people, as well as how to serve them. 

Most importantly, you’ll learn how many people are out there in the world (including those who you’ve been too afraid to connect with). Just think about how you can change their lives, starting from that initial conversation. 

When you do these things, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a six-figure coach! 

So start those lists, answer those questions, and start making those connections.

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