How to Start a Successful Coaching Business

Woman in business meeting, elbows on table, fingers tented slightly as she leans in to earnestly make a point to others sitting across the table from her.

Getting your business started is an exciting experience, but can also feel daunting, especially if you’re a new coach. You may be wondering where to begin, or you may be envisioning the exciting enterprise you have yet to create. 

In this article, I’m going to share some of my top tips on how to start a successful coaching business!

Ask yourself, ‘Are you ready?’

One of the first things that anyone should think about before starting their business is if they are truly ready.

Sure, there are a lot of things you can do to be open for business, whether that be getting your desk or office ready, creating graphics, getting a business email created, opening a bank account, and more. But, do you feel ready in your heart? 

If your vibe and your energy tells the world that you are open for business, then you’re going to want to be prepared for the conversations that will come. This includes answering questions like what your coaching business entails, if you’ve practiced before, and even inviting a potential client to a connection call. Tell the world you’re open for business and start getting your processes in place.

Getting your processes in place.

So, how do you get those processes in place, you ask? Aside from the wonderful books and coaching programs that are out there with invaluable information, ask yourself:

Who do I serve?

Think of the personality traits of the people that are exciting to you. The ones that you’d love to work with, and the ones that light you up. Are they ambitious? Service-oriented? Whatever it may be, be sure to write those personality traits down so you can better cater to your ideal client. 

What is my enrollment call process like?

It’s important that you make sure you have an enrollment call process. I like to start with the pre-email, which allows me to get some background information on my potential client. This will give you a better idea of their goals, and where they want to be in the next few months. 

Remember, this is like an audition on both ends—it’s a way to see if you both are a great fit for each other. 

How do I best work?

If someone asks you how you best work, you want to make sure you have your requirements ready for working with someone. This may include asking whether or not they are ready for coaching and if it’s a good time to start, as things may begin to change as coaching begins. 

It’s important to remind potential clients that coaching is more than a financial commitment. It is a commitment of resources, time, and willingness in order to bring out the best results on both ends.

Offer a coaching session.

Once I’ve gotten the data, I like to schedule a coaching experience with them. From there, I tend to send them an email prepping them for the coaching experience and letting them know what they can expect. 

Once coaching begins, ask for their takeaway at the end of the conversation. Ask them what they’re committed to and be willing to answer all questions. 

Make your highest recommendation.

Pricing is a big question that often comes into play once your first coaching experience takes place. When they ask about pricing, make your highest recommendation.

Use their goals and information that they’ve provided and give them a picture of a program that will make their vision come to life. 

Never argue on the price of the program. You can let them know that you wouldn’t want them to invest unless they knew it was going to work for them. Feel free to back down a bit from your initial offer, but don’t forget to reiterate how your program can benefit them. 

When it comes to following up, avoid sending ‘just checking in’ emails. If a person is interested, trust and believe they are going to reach out to you. 

Ready, set, go.

So coaches, these are some of my top tips for how to start a successful coaching business. It takes some time and some personal work, but once you tell the world that you’re open for business and get your processes in place, you’ll be ready to go!

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