How To Quiet Your Inner Critic

How To Quiet Your Inner Critic

We’ve all experienced those times in life when we are wrestling with our negative thoughts. When it comes to your coaching business, that is no exception. 

“I should have done that better.”

“Why wasn’t I nicer to them when dealing with that?”

“I’m not good enough to do this… Why do I even try?”

Or further… “I’m a FRAUD.”

When you encounter these thoughts, you’re dealing with your inner critic. 

These feelings of inadequacy are a normal part of the human experience. I can relate. 

As difficult as it may seem, though, there’s hope! 

Understanding Your Inner Critic

Think of your inner critic as your built-in defense mechanism. 

It’s constantly trying to protect you. It doesn’t want you to feel embarrassed. It doesn’t want you to look bad or to fail. 

In that sense, you can at least appreciate your inner critic, right? 

However, it can also be a bad thing. Here’s why…

Knowing When to Draw the Line

Your inner critic can become a bad thing when you allow it to hold you back in your coaching business. 

That little voice inside your head can cause you to become paralyzed by fear. 

Fear of failure. Fear of even starting sometimes. Then, before you know it, you’re just STUCK.

You don’t want these types of unkind messages to prevent you from taking chances. That would be like having a bully inside your head all day long. Talk about a major headache. 

Standing Up to Your Bully

No one likes a bully, especially one in your coaching business. So how do you stand up to it, you ask? 

Here are four steps you can take to quiet your inner critic: 

First… Ask yourself this – What is it that my inner critic is trying to protect me from? 

Second… Think about this – When you are your highest and most healed version of yourself… When you’re NOT afraid, what do you know to be true?

Third… Identify an important factor – Whose voice is it that your inner critic is trying to represent? Is it the voice of your parents? A friend? An enemy? Or, is it your own voice?

Fourth… Take action – What action can you take to move (far) away from these unwanted messages and towards the truth of who you are?

Remembering Your Truth

Next time you find yourself fighting with your inner critic, remember that it’s just an outdated coping mechanism. 

Don’t let it bully you. Instead, just remind yourself of who you really are and what your authentic truth is. Want to learn more about embracing your authentic self? Read my other blog “Unbecoming: Embracing the Authentic You
After all, it is your authentic truth that will serve the you that you are today, rather than an old version of yourself from your past!

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