From Zero to Hero: Tips to Get Clients Like a Pro

yellow road sign indicating a stoplight ahead.

Looking for ways to find more clients? Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. Make a green, yellow, and red list of potential clients.

💚 Green list = all of the people you know who’d love to talk to you and catch up – You regularly hang out with them and feel comfortable asking them for a referral.

💛 Yellow list = people you’ve worked with in the past – You know as acquaintances and belong to the same groups such as alum associations.

❤️ Red list = clients you’d love to coach but think are out of reach. Make this list anyway.

As you are thinking about your list, forget about your niche. This can really slow coaches down into believing there’s only 1 type of person they can work with.

2. After you have your list, search for problems and dreams. Reach out to these people and write a thoughtful invitation for a coaching session.

How you reach out matters. Make sure to be thoughtful, and don’t give a blanket message.

What do you know about this person or their potential struggles? How might coaching help?

3. Ask yourself, who should I reach out to that I haven’t already thought of? Who would I love to serve? Let your subconscious get busy dropping names.

You’ll be surprised how many people you reach out to will say things like, “I was just thinking about you!”

The energetic connection is strong.

The best part: Doing these things will help your brain switch to what’s possible instead of what’s challenging about client creation.

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