Why You Need to Let Go of Your False Self

Photo of woman looking thoughtfully out a window

You’ve had ENOUGH.

Years of hiding behind a false version of yourself.

Building your life to fulfill others instead of yourself…no longer serves you.

You’re ready to break free from the chains of your secrets that have been causing you to live a life of discomfort, dissatisfaction, anxiety, and fear.

You KNOW that you’re meant for more, and you hear your true self yelling that out to you loud and clear.

Your true self has always been there and is what is going to be your guiding light through it all.

But, above all, you’re scared.

You’re scared of letting go of what once was.

What if you fall back into your old behaviors?

What if you DON’T feel ready to let go quite yet?

How will those around you react to the newest version of yourself?

Will they still accept you, or will they leave you for the sake of wanting you to remain small?

Tell me, do any of those thoughts above feel familiar?

So often, we’re scared to face what’s on the other end of our fears.

We may know that this transformative journey that we’re about to step into is going to reveal so much goodness and liberation in our lives, but the thought of what we may lose or what will change during this time is often the hardest part to come to terms with.

This rollercoaster of evolving feelings and emotions is exactly what I faced in my journey.

You see, the process of letting go of your false self is intensive.

Breaking away from who you once were will reveal layers and layers of emotions that you have yet to feel before.

But, it’s all for the better, and I promise that once the work is done, the best moments of your life are about to be revealed.

It was this exact journey that inspired my book, Break Free from Your Dirty Little Secrets, A New You in 10 Secret-Breaking Stages.

I’ve created a 10-Stage Secret-Breaking System that helps women escape limiting mindsets and address their false identity, so they can live their best, most fulfilled lives.

Through my Secret-Breaking System™, you’ll start to feel your fears and worries dissipate, one step at a time.

One guarantee about my community that I’ve created is that you will NEVER walk alone.

If you feel want to learn more about my Secret-Breaking System™️ and join a community of those walking in a similar stage, join my Facebook Group, Break Free from Your Dirty Little Secret.

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