Are your secrets protecting you?

Photo of key lying amid leaves and sticks.

Millions of women are, and will remain, secret-keepers. Women, especially now, are suffering globally from the shame of their secret actions. They’re confused about their value and self-worth and are unaware that what drew them to create secrets in the first place was NOT their fault.

We have been told how to dress, talk, act, behave, beg, wish, hope, bully, and plead for most of what we want, even in the modern world. I am asking a lot of you to trust me, but know this, I have talked countless women through the pain and fear they feel at the idea of their secret getting out. I know about wanting to feel different, look different, and be different. I know what it’s like to feel as though my skin doesn’t “fit right”. I understand why we, as women, feel compelled to act out, be brazen and then fold up to be small.

If you’re nodding your head and agreeing to the above statements, then maybe you know something about this “secret-keeping.” too. Every single one of us has a dirty little secret that we’re hiding to protect us, help us get ahead, or even to be loved.

Your secrets are like the dress you have worn too many times but you end up keeping because of all of the compliments you receive when you wear it. But, ladies…we need to dump our secrets. We’re exhausted from carrying them around and it’s not surprising when I tell you that you’ve been held back from the life that awaits you.

It’s time to do the work of breaking down your secrets, the stories, and persona of the false self, and give yourself the gift of slowing down and getting honest.

It’s time to follow a roadmap that will allow you to let go of your false self and live in the new, true “You.” A You that uses her voice, lives unashamed, connects with other badass women, and doesn’t hide from her secrets.

This entangled web, in which so many women find themselves trapped, is why I created the Secret-Breaking System™, a Ten-Stage process to help women break free from their secrets and the shame that keeps them handcuffed to smaller living.

With each stage of the Secret-Breaking System™, the false self dissipates and withdraws the power she has had over your life. The new self emerges, leaving users of the system beautifully whole.

When light shines on those seemingly dark places, women break free and they thrive in their power. When the world offers a new level of hope for women, everyone around them benefits tenfold.

The question of, “Who is going to let me?” becomes, “No one is going to stop me.”

So…are you ready to go deep, break free, and change your life?

I am here with you in solidarity and I am going to call out my own secret: Over twenty years ago, when I was 26 and newly married, I got so violent with my husband that I threatened to stab him with a car key.

That sounds wild, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you are stronger than your secrets. If you feel as if you need help creating more truth in your life, and want to learn more about my Secret-Breaking System™️, join my NEW Facebook Group, Breaking Free from Your Dirty Little Secrets.

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