It’s a twofer! My gift to you this holiday season.

My gift to you this holiday season.I know I keep saying it but, as we come to the close of 2019 we are not only saying goodbye to the end of a year, we are closing out on an entire decade! Ten years gone, just like that. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on who you were 10 years ago. Where did you live? Did you have kids? What car did you drive? Were you married? What dream did you have? Did your dream come true?

People often talk about having 2020 vision when they are looking backwards in life. I like to help people have 2020 vision looking forward in their lives. What if you could create the life you want instead of reacting to the life you have? It’s possible. I myself have a coach and am working with her to create my goals and vision for 2020 with intention, thought, and steps for follow-through. I don’t know about you, but I am done riding on the hamster wheel and staring at the same wall, wondering why things don’t look any different. I am ready to shift my thinking so that I can stop reacting and start living. As a coach, I believe in coaching not just for my clients but for myself. Coaching has helped me to get laser-focused and rediscover my passion. It’s helped me with that negative voice that tells me I’m not enough or that I can’t live differently. It has also given me a way to move through the world with a sense of purpose.

This year I shared with you that I leaned into my creative side. I made wreaths, painted, and went to a glass class. I redecorated my bedroom, bought a teal chair to put by the window, and had my husband put lights in our outside tree so that I could see it sparkle. This year I received my Master Certified Coach designation by the International Coach Federation. It is an honor as there are less than 1500 of us in the world. I worked hard to get there. This year, we took a family trip to Italy and then to Hungary and walked the escape route that my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mother traveled when they were fleeing from a communist government. My grandfather was a freedom fighter and I got to trace his steps. This year, I dived into my marriage in a way that I never have before. I took a look at what unity really is and I went for it. This year I examined my fears, faced my old stories about abandonment and forgave in ways that I never had before. I went to see a trauma therapist. I told the truth about the stories in my head. This year, I got really close to God. I examined who I was created to be and leaned into my feminine side and did a lot of deep internal work about what it means to be a female and finally understood that creativity, softness, and kindness are not weaknesses. This year I coached people with my whole heart and served them in ways that I could never imagine. I watched their lives change. I cheered from the sidelines. I encouraged. I told them the truth. I held them accountable. I helped them to think bigger. I helped them to let go of their past. I helped them to create the life that they wanted instead of the one they were surviving. This year I worked with a coach to help expand my mind and my practice. This year after experiencing a VIP intensive day with my coach, I created them for my clients so the people who aren’t interested in working with someone for 6-months can spend 8-hours with me to discover their vision, create their passion, and have tangible to-dos to move things forward. This year I cried, I laughed, and I lived unafraid and when I was afraid, I admitted it. This year, I cleaned house. How was your year? What did you do? How would you like your next decade to look?

It’s time to make yourself a priority. Those dreams that you have that have been buried underneath the bills, the kids, and the responsibilities, are waiting for you to breathe life into them. Ten years goes by fast. If you think your dream is silly or that it doesn’t really matter, you’re thankfully wrong. It isn’t silly and it does matter and it belongs to you. It is your job to bring it into the world.

As my gift to you this holiday season I have a twofer! I am gifting you with one complimentary 60-minute coaching session with me, to use whenever you like. We can look at how to revitalize and give life to your dream, we can focus on how you can get a better job, we can look at ways for you to be more satisfied, we can talk about how to negotiate a raise, we can use it to grow your business, we can identify and talk about whatever is most useful to you. I encourage you to use this session. The sooner the better. Email me for details.

And, as you are doing your holiday shopping, I would love for you to give someone you know a 60-minute coaching session with me at no cost to you or to them. There are no strings attached. I have been so incredibly fortunate to find work that I love and to experience real freedom and I want to give it back to others. If you have a friend, colleague, or family member who could use some movement, clarity, and vision, email me and I can give you the details on how to give them this gift.

As this decade comes to an end, reflect on all the good, the wins, the love, and the gratitude and then reflect on how it can get even better!

I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a 2020 that is like no other year you have ever had before. Much love and gratitude to you. XOX

Be well!


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