Buzzfeed has made its way into our life by creating quizzes that take us out of our overwhelming work days and give us a little fun insight into our mind. After all, who doesn’t want to know their true Hogwarts house?

We have all fallen into one or two (maybe more, no judging!) of these quizzes. What if you could grow your email list by creating your own fun quizzes? It seems like an attractive opportunity to get organic leads. Well, thanks to the new tool Interact, you can!

I had the chance to try Interact this month and was pleasantly surprised. Here are some of the things that stood out:

1. How friendly it is

When you’re a busy entrepreneur you want easy, quick tools that will help you maximize your results and grow your business. Interact is as easy as it gets.

You don’t need to know coding to create a quiz. That’s right, no coding. Interact has created a tool that lets you personalize every single aspect of the quiz effortlessly.

Want to change the font? Sure, they have some fonts of their own, but you can also use google fonts.

Want to change the color? Absolutely. Any color you want.

Want to change the image? No problem! They have an integrated image search, or you can upload your own.

Want to add your logo? Please do. They have a button designed just for that.

They even include a quick menu that will take precisely where you need to go to perform any of these changes. Easy and fast.

Screen shot of quiz question: "What do you think about in the morning?"


Screen shot of button color selection controls

2. So many templates

Unless you are a quiz expert or have a specific design in mind, you will probably prefer to start with a template (especially with your first quiz or as you’re getting familiar). They have models for many industries. Here are some of them:

Screen shot of available templates.
After you select one, you’ll be able to choose a template and modify everything about it (or nothing at all. They will let you share the quiz templates as they are if you want to). Here are some examples of existing templates under the DIY category:
Screenshot of DIY template examples

3. Integration

Interact can connect to the primary email providers. But the integration doesn’t stop there. Interact will let you set up an opt-in form for your quiz which is customizable. You can choose what fields you would like to include. After a person completes the quiz and their information has been captured, their email will be added to a list on your email provider that corresponds to the result they got. This way you get to personalize the follow-up email and maybe even product offered based on the answers they provided.

The quizzes can be shared on websites and social media.

Content Integration
4. Tracking

Interact has terrific tracking capabilities. Besides capturing the average data, it will show you your quiz performance so you can improve it to get more leads. It can show you how many quiz-takers got to the end, how many of them input their email, how many left (and on what question), etc.

All of this data is very valuable to you. It will allow you to be continually improving your quizzes and optimizing your leads.


Interact is a valuable tool to grow your email list and can provide tremendous insights into your prospective clients. The customization capabilities give you the freedom to make the quizzes in any style that will match your brand. It’s a tool of never-ending possibilities.

They have different price tiers that offer flexibility for different kinds of needs. If you are interested in trying them out, you can use my affiliate link:

Try Interact

Here is an example of a quiz I created with Interact for my website and Facebook Group.

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