New Year’s Resolutions in August

Always be a goal digger. -Any Lengths Life CoachingGoals. We set them. We break them. We set them again. Sometimes we attain them, and sometimes we give up. Many factors are attached to goal-setting. Formulas have even been created to help get you over the finish line. And while it’s good to have tools that are tried and true, successful goal-setting is all about motivation.

That’s right. If your motivation for the goal isn’t big enough, chances are you won’t achieve it. We’ve all been on the receiving end of someone else’s opinions. And, we’ve all suffered from cases of the “should haves,” but if the goal you have set isn’t rooted in your heart, then chances are it doesn’t have enough momentum to move forward. The next time you set a goal ask yourself, is this for me or someone else? How will my life change if I reach it? How will the lives of others change? On a scale of 1-10, how motivated am I to do it? In my experience making goals for the sake of making goals or because they sound good, will not propel your forward. But making goals that are tied to your values and that motivate you because they have emotional weight can change your life.

What goal have you made that you haven’t kept? What’s the real goal that you want to make that you are afraid of? Contact me for a complimentary 30-minute discovery session so that we can create a foundation with actionable and manageable steps that are based on your vision and that motivate you.

It might be August, but it’s never too late to reach your New Year’s resolution.

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