An Invitation to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring clean your lifeSpring is here. The days are longer. The weather is warmer. Flowers are in bloom. There’s something about the wholesomeness of the season that makes us want to freshen up our living spaces, declutter our homes, and make room for something new.

What if this year you decided to expand the concept of spring cleaning to other areas of your life?

Maybe you’re at an internal tipping point, and just like your closet, need some organization and decluttering, so that you can let go of old ideas that no longer fit, to make room for new thoughts that fit you today.

Spring cleaning your life can include:

  • Cleaning up your relationships. Maybe you’re clinging to relationships or friendships that are well past their expiration date and you need to let them go.
  • Decluttering your mind. Your mind is spinning like a hamster wheel, keeping you stressed and overburdened while making it hard for you to generate any new thoughts.
  • Getting your dreams back. You’ve abandoned your dreams because you are waiting for a better time, more money, until your kids are older, until you lose 5 pounds, until…….until……until you decide to listen to your intuition that is underneath the voice that is telling you that it is a waste of time, won’t happen, can’t come true, and do it anyway.
  • Setting goals that you can keep. You have things that you want to do, but need support creating a roadmap with attainable goals that you can reach along the way.
  • Redefining who you are. Just like the style in your closet changes, so do the thoughts and feelings that you carry about yourself. Examining and letting go of the old ideas will make room for thoughts that are better suited for who you are today.
  • Getting out of the rat race. You did the thing you were supposed to do and aren’t feeling satisfied and are ready to find something more.
  • An attitude adjustment. You are used to complaining, worrying, and seeing your life from a negative lens, it’s time to break the habit and retrain your brain to see the good so that your life can finally open up.

It’s time to start your internal spring cleaning. From now until April 15th I have a special invitation for 10 people who are ready to see substantial changes in their lives. I am offering a complimentary 30-minute session to talk to you about whatever it is that is holding you back. My vision is to help as many people as I can, live their lives to the fullest. May this spring bring the new beginning that you are looking for.

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