Rewired & Inspired: Business Advice from the Women at Universal Music

Sign reading "Advice Ahead."Last week I had the pleasure of coaching a dynamic group of professional women at Universal Music. During our time together, one woman shared that she was trying to reprogram her thinking due to some of the advice she was given as a young woman. I commended her for her efforts. Reprogramming messages is no easy process. It can be like untangling a very twisted up ball of yarn that has been tied into knots. The good news is, it can be done. One way to start the reprogramming is to replace the old messages with new beliefs. Repetitive reading of material can help to generate new thoughts. Here’s a list of great advice that most of these women received from their fathers. Good job, dads! Let the reprogramming begin.

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20 Best Pieces of Business Advice

  1. If they gossip with you, they will gossip about you.
  2. Fix your face. What you aren’t saying can still be heard.
  3. Learn what your boss does.
  4. Recap communication through email to leave an electronic trail.
  5. When you present a problem, provide a solution.
  6. Learn! Someone or something can always take things away from you. But they can’t take your knowledge.
  7. Follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life.
  8. When you make a mistake own it and try to fix it.
  9. Always have a left-handed skill as a backup plan.
  10. Listen. If you have a reply ready before the other person is finished speaking, you have stopped listening.
  11. Ask if you don’t understand something.
  12. Make yourself indispensable.
  13. Be the person people can rely on, including yourself.
  14. Prepare for the job you want, while excelling at the one you have.
  15. Work smart, not hard.
  16. Never forget where you came from and always reach back to bring someone with you.
  17. Always proofread your work and your emails.
  18. Smile with your eyes, so they feel it in their heart.
  19. Put your personal goals, needs, and wants ahead of the company.
  20. Everyone is replaceable.

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