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I often ask my clients, “What did you like to play when you were a kid?” Their answers are insightful and often illuminate a passion that’s gone dormant.   Many times, they reveal clues that point to the way of happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes they show a clear career path or become a satisfying hobby. It’s amazing the information that you can get from this simple exercise.

When I was a kid and even into my young adulthood, I wanted to write an advice column. I loved Dear Abby and Ann Landers. I scoured magazines for the advice sections. I even authored a column of my own and would make up the questions so that I could give answers. When I went off to college I studied communications and public relations. I didn’t know how to launch an advice column but I still read them and knew it was something that I was interested in. As I embarked on my career, I got busy. I had bills to pay, corporate ladders to climb and a social life to attend to. Writing an advice column didn’t seem feasible or like a way to make a living. Although I didn’t abandon the idea, I didn’t do anything to foster it either. Like so many dreams from my childhood (lead singer of a band, editor-n-chief at Cosmo, prosecutor), I didn’t give it precedence or take it seriously. I was a grown up now.

As a coach, I think it’s important to be authentic and to take the steps to live my very best life. I champion this for my clients and for the many attendees at my speaking engagements.  I work with people day in and day out, to help them find their life’s purpose and to get them in touch with their dreams. I ask them to take little steps to reignite the passion in their lives. If they’ve lost it, I invite them to look for it in their childhood. Passion is always there. It just gets a little dusty sometimes.

So, without further ado, I am pleased to announce the launch of Ask Gretchen, an advice column that will offer answers to questions that you need clarity and insight on.  This column will offer fresh perspectives, humor, and a straight-forward style. So go ahead, ask away. I will give you my expertise, experience and guidance on relationships, parenting, friendships, career, communication, work-life balance and more.

Ask Gretchen will launch in February. With Valentine’s Day coming up, send me your questions on relationships. What do you want to know?  

****All participants will be noted by their First name, last initial and city.

Thank you for allowing me to help you with your dreams and for reminding me to live mine!

Gretchen Hydo
Any Lengths Life Coaching