Girl Talk With Gretchen



Live Your Very Best Life in 2016

An invitation only, intimate experience, that will help you have more of everything that you want in your life.

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-Improve Relationships

-Parent Powerfully

-Achieve Work & Life Balance

-Become a Master Communicator

-Learn Self Care

-Find Your Life’s Purpose

-Sharpen Time Management & Productivity Skills

-Strengthen the Family Dynamic

Choose your topic!

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This program is unlike any other!

You will get to create your very best life in the setting of your friend’s home. Think cozy, comfy, and fun! Gain greater connection with yourself and others with a program tailored to the subjects you want to cover.

Let’s make 2016 an unbelievable year. It won’t be all work. There will be play, too! And drinks. And conversation. And chocolate. And girl talk! Think book club, but better.


This is a 6-week, highly interactive coaching experience that allows you to have deeper understanding, self-reflection, and spot coaching on the topics most important to you. It will be the best 2-hours of your week.

How do I host this event?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s what the hostess does: open your home for up to ten friends to create a fun and intimate group environment. Provide sweets and treats to snack on while we chat. Invite your friends for this life-changing and memorable experience. As a thank you, your ticket is free! Contact me to choose your date and time. Limited space available.


Regular:  $349 per person.

Holiday: $249 per person.


PS. Look for an email from me with a special Live Your Very Best Life 2016 survey to determine your group’s topics.

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