Know Thyself: What Is Your Personality Type?



There are several different methods psychologists use to classify personalities.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can take a personality test. There are many out there–some very accurate and others claiming to divulge who your celebrity soulmate is or where in the world you should be living. We flock to them, eager to understand ourselves or validate what we may already believe about our personality.

A few popular methods used to classify personalities include ABCD personality typesBig Five, and Myers-Briggs.  People are so varied by their experiences and perspectives that it can be difficult to fit someone into a neat category, but these tests are more than just a collection of questions on our favorite colors or preferred vacation destinations. They are a comprehensive way for us to better understand ourselves as individuals.

The Greek philosopher Socrates knew well how important is was for us to understand ourselves. “Know thyself,” he said. The ultimate challenge for each of us to invest the time necessary to truly comprehend the ins and outs of what makes us tick. When we begin to explore our personality, we stop wasting time trying to conform to impossible standards or striving for a version of success that leaves us empty. When we know ourselves, we are better equipped to pursue the things that make us happy and fulfilled.

While no personality test can be 100% accurate, they can provide clarity for the things you probably already suspect about yourself. You may not thrive in traditional work environments because of your creativity. You may need your work to revolve around a cause in order to be fulfilled. Family may be your motivation to success rather than money. There are many details about our personalities that can keep up from thriving if we do not fully understand them.

The first step in this process of discovery is taking a comprehensive personality test. is a great place to begin. Not only does it evaluate your personality type, but it also provides insight on why you do what you do, what is important to you, and how you interact with the world around you. Due to the psychology behind it, this test is highly accurate and will give you a good idea of how you function.

Once you know your personality type, begin observing yourself. How do you interact with coworkers, friends, and family? What makes you uncomfortable? What motivates you? Keep a journal with your observations so that you can draw conclusions about the things that need to be changed and the things that are adding value to your life.

Enjoy this process! As you learn more about yourself, you will find it becomes easier to makes decisions and build the life you really want.



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