Take Your Seat

The Round Table is an exclusive group of coaches who are building sustainable and profitable, service-based businesses in a fun, easy and relaxed way. This intimate group will be limited to 12 coaches, selected for their dedication, charisma, knowledge, skills, and business-building capacity.

Ready, Set Serve

The Round Table was built to support extraordinary coaches. You will learn to:

The Round Table is a commitment to personal and professional excellence.

This small group of talented performers runs from September – December 2021. Combining the highest value of individual and group coaching the Round Table is designed to skyrocket your unique gifts and talents.

The next cohort will run from January – June 2022, and consists of three elements:

One-on-One Coaching:

Each participant will receive two individual 60-minute monthly sessions (for a total of 12 hours over the six month program) with Master Coach, Gretchen Hydo, to work on their personal vision, create their roadmap for success, uncover their blocks that are keeping them from being prosperous, and to receive individual support on the topics that are most important to them.

Group Coaching:

The group will meet monthly for 1.5 hours to share ideas, best practices and to explore concepts that will sharpen their skills to build a thriving and sustainable coaching practice. Group sessions will be one part mastermind and one part group coaching. All group meetings are mandatory.
“Gretchen is my coach and has been a tremendous enabler of my early business success. She is an expert in coaching new coaches and has a wealth of information on what it takes, what to do, and what not to do. More importantly, she has coached me on my own coaching, enrolling clients, money mindset, and confidence. Simply put, I'm a better coach with a better business because of Gretchen.”
- Marissa F.

To be considered, send an email to [email protected] explaining how you would use this opportunity to enhance your personal and professional experience, and share the unique spark you would bring to the group.

Being a successful coach doesn’t just happen, it takes work, dedication, a support system, and courage.

Much Love, Gretchen