The ten-stage secret-breaking system
Looking to experience my signature Ten Stage Secret-Breaking System before committing to the 6-month intensive? Have questions that you would like to get answered? Join my special Dirty Little Secrets for Women mini-series to take the risk out of your commitment.

I created my Ten Stage Secret-Breaking System for women because I was suffering from my own secrets and shame that were keeping me on the sidelines of my life and I am not alone. Millions of women are suffering from the collective weight of their secrets.

It’s time to escape from the internal mindsets that have been holding them back from living their best lives. Ladies, these mindsets were built on lies: old thinking about how life should be, rules that were put upon us by well meaning people, and the ways that society and familial patterns have shaped us. This conditioning leads to us becoming secret keepers that creates a false identity, protecting our truest self. We don’t want people to know the truth about who we are, what we believe, think, and some of the shameful actions we’ve taken, so we hide behind our Old You. This Old You has shaped who we are and holds us back from living our best and most powerful life.

Are you among these women?

Then it’s time for you to go deep, break free, and change your life! If you’re ready to journey into secret-shedding, rule-busting, and breaking free from your false self and creating a new bad-ass you, then this mini-series is for you!

Mini-Series Details

Break The Rules

Who decides the rules you live by? You? Society? Well meaning caregivers? Rules are important because they shape the way we live our lives AND they have the ability to make us secret keepers and keep us in the shadows of small living if they aren’t rules that we have chosen for ourselves. Rules can be all sorts of things that we pick up as ways to be, truths to hold, and behavior that we are supposed to subscribe to. The problem is that these rules have been given to us from someone else. They are often generational or institutional and we must question if they work for us or, we begin telling lies, hiding who we truly are, and living in the shadows of life. Here are some examples of rules put on others by society and well meaning loved ones:

  • Women should always have long hair and carry a nice purse
    (what if you like short hair and carry a backpack?)
  • Polite women don’t speak up.
    (great way to become a people pleaser or to be seen as a B$tch if you do)
  • Good mothers stay home with their kids.
    (way to feel bad if you love your job or have to work)
  • Pretty women are a size 4 or smaller.
    (hello - nice way to create body dysmorphia, anorexia, bulimia and low self-esteem)
  • It’s unsafe to travel alone as a woman
    (really? So we should stay at home and wait around for someone to go with us and put our life on hold?)

And on and on and on.

During this session, you will identify your own rules and where you have created secrets around them that have kept you from living big, caused you to tell lies, and made you feel bad about innately being you. It’s time to stop playing by someone else’s rules and figure out what YOUR rules are for your own kick-ass life.

Aug 18, 2022
Shed Your Secrets

Secrets are a one-two-three punch.

First is the “shameful” action you took that you are keeping secret because you think it goes against the ‘rules’ you are supposed to live by. Then there’s the false story you’ve been telling yourself about that action, something like, “I’m a bad person because of my secret.” And finally, today you are seeing the results of living a life that’s been built around this lie, this false identity. It’s time to break free of that false sense of self and forge a new identity based on who you truly are, who you’re meant to be.

During this session, you will identify your own one-two-three punch and learn how to begin to shed your secrets so that you can live a more fulfilling and honest life.

Aug 25, 2022
Change Your Life

Are you living the life you really want or are there still key elements missing that you would like to have but aren’t sure how to add them in? Do some of your dreams feel impossible, too big, or just plain silly? Let me tell you this, you can have the life you want but you have to be willing to do the work to get it. In order to pull your future into the present, you need to make decisions based on your future self. If we do nothing, life is going to look pretty much the same way it does today, and for most of us, that’s okay. It’s good enough. But wouldn’t you like to step into greatness?

During this session, come and learn how to pull your dream life into the present by learning how to connect with the future self you want to be. You will learn how to create intentions backed by committed actions so that you can stand in your New You. We’ve lived in default mode for so long that it’s easy to accept the status quo. Your New You lives bigger and creates what she wants and takes the actions to get there. This life is where you will find who you are supposed to help. As we stand in the New You, we are fulfilling our hidden dreams and living on purpose all while creating our ripple effect.

Sept 1, 2022
“I’m terrified of not being accepted by others. My secret behavior is that I people-please and say yes when I mean no. I over commit and resent others and avoid my own wants and desires to play by the rules. This played out in a big way with my husband. I wanted to adopt a baby and he didn’t. I went along with it and people pleased knowing that the baby meant everything to me. After doing the Ten-Stage Secret-Breaking System, I got a voice and we adopted our beautiful baby girl. That never would have happened if I didn’t learn to live by my own rules.”