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Break the rules. Shed your secrets. Change your life.
Secret-Breaking System

If you are nodding your head saying yes, then the Ten-Stage Secret-Breaking Intensive is for you. Perfect for women who are ready to go deep, break free and change their lives. This is a journey into secret-shedding, rule-busting and breaking free of your false self and creating a new bad-ass you.

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This program, based on my book Break Free From Your Dirty Little Secret: A Ten-Stage Secret-Breaking System to a New You, helps women escape the internal mindsets that have been holding them back from living their best lives. These mindsets have been built on lies: old thinking of how things should work, everyone else’s rules, and the ways that society and familial patterns have shaped us. And, the secrets they create also created a false identity. This identity has shaped who we are now and it holds us back from living our best, most powerful life.

Have you limited yourself in life by
always playing by someone else’s rules?

I created this system because I had my own secrets and shame that kept me on the sidelines of my life. My secret? When I was 26 years old, I nearly stabbed my husband in the middle of a church because I was out of my mind with rage and driven by frustration and fear. I’m a put-together woman with a professional career, accolades, and a family. But in that moment, I was a little girl, triggered by feelings of abandonment and the collective weight of my past. But it doesn’t end there… Then there’s the lie – the lie I told myself about who I am because of my secret: that I’m a horrible violent person that doesn’t deserve to be loved or have a great life. And there was no program out there to help me. It took me years of creating my 10 stage system to come out of this false identity I had created about myself. I am now living my best life. And you can, too!
Break the Rules
Here are some examples of the rules women have internalized and the secrets they create because of them:
SECRET: I stole the money people donated to me for a 5K

SECRET: I lied, big time, on my resume

SECRET: I’ve been mean to people close to me and feel like I’m a bad person

SECRET: I’m gay and my family doesn’t know

SECRET: I people-please instead of saying what I want

Sound familiar? Whose rules are you following?
What secrets are you holding?

We play by these rules because we think they will make us be liked, be loved and feel valued. We play by the rules and stay safe by living a small life that won’t step on any toes. And guess what, instead of feeling loved and valued, we feel empty and depleted. Why? Because these rules and our secrets keep us from our real self, the powerful strong self inside us that wants to burst out and have a huge impact – the big impact we were meant to have – what we call your Ripple Effect. It’s time to say goodbye to your false, secret-keeping self one step at a time.
Program Details
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Kick Off: 3 Day In-Person Retreat
Eight 2-hour group coaching sessions
Six Individual Coaching Sessions
Close Out: 3 Day In-Person Retreat
Small Pods for Deeper Connections
Up to 4-nights of lodging included for both retreats
Most meals provided during retreats
When Where What
Month 1 October 2022

3 Day In-Person Kick-off Retreat in Lake Tahoe, CA

1 Hour of Individual Coaching

We kick off the program with an in-person 3-day retreat in South Lake Tahoe in early October. Here we will cover:

  • Stage One: Calling Out Your Secret
  • Stage Two: Unwiring Your Secret
  • Stage Three: Chasing the Root Feelings
You will discover the layers and patterns that have been your breeding ground for secret-keeping. This retreat is not only a jumpstart to the 6-month program but a time to bond with the whole group in an intimate setting.
Month 2 November 2022

Two 2 Hour Online Group Sessions

1 Hour of Individual Coaching

We’ll start the monthly group sessions during the second month as we dive into:

  • Stage Four: Facing Your False Self
It’s time to get rid of the lies, half-truths, and distorted identity that your false self has had you hiding behind so that you can emerge as the woman you are meant to be.
Month 3 December 2022

Two 2 Hour Online Group Sessions

1 Hour of Individual Coaching

During the third month, we will shift to:

  • Stage Five: Building Your Faith
As you begin to build a new life, your true self, who has always been there, will guide you. But it’s going to take faith. Faith in your true self and faith in a divine spiritual power who will help you to let go of your old ways of being, your patterns, and your secrets.
Month 4 January 2023

Two 2 Hour Online Group Sessions

1 Hour of Individual Coaching

This month we will cover:

  • Stage Six: Preparing to Tell Your Secret
Once you tell your secret, it is almost impossible to go backward in your behavior because you have set a new standard that is so high and integrous, it doesn’t allow for backsliding.
Month 5 February 2023

Two 2 Hour Online Group Sessions

1 Hour of Individual Coaching

Time to go all-in:

  • Stage Seven: Tell Your Secret

You’ve been prepared through the work in Stages One through Six. You will live through the discomfort of your anxiousness about telling because of the simplicity of the template I’ve created, your awareness of the psychological safety contracts, and your desire for a life that is full of purpose … minus secrets!

Month 6 March 2023

3 Day In-Person Close-out Retreat in Sedona, AZ

1 Hour of Individual Coaching

We close out with a 3-day in-person retreat in Sedona, AZ where we will work through the three final stages:

  • Stage 8: Stop Creating Secrets
  • Stage 9: Death of the Old You
  • Stage 10: Creating Your Ripple Effect

You will learn that you are no longer embarrassed about who you used to be or the secrets that you’ve kept because they have lost their grip on your life. You will look your false self in the eye, thank her, and bid her farewell while inviting the New You and your truest self to the party of life. You will leave Sedona a New You!

A sneak peak into the retreats...


We have not only built in quite a bit of group based support, but you will also be getting individualized one-on-one coaching with Master Coach, Gretchen Hydo through the 6 month program. Aside from the retreats, there are two 2-hour group coaching plus one individual session with Gretchen each month. In other words, we will make sure you feel supported at every stage of the system!
Great Question! Since we want everyone to be the most comfortable traveling, travel is not covered. BUT – the cost of the program does cover up to 3-4 nights of lodging, depending on the retreat, and most major meals/snacks. And, we will be having a personal chef who will be aware of all dietary restrictions. The choice of the bedrooms will be on a first come, first served basis.
The beauty of this is that you don’t need to know before applying. With some prep work, you will discover what is the secret you want to take on this journey by Day 2 of the first retreat! We got you.
The retreats cover 6 out of the 10 stages so it’s vital that you attend live. Although there will be recordings of the group sessions from Month 2 through 5, due to the nature of the retreats, they will not be recorded. We want to keep the retreats so special that you really have to be there to get the most out of them. But, if you are even thinking of going, block off your calendars now! The first retreat is Oct 6th through Oct 9th in Lake Tahoe, and the last retreat is March 9th through March 12th in Sedona.
If something on this page is sparking up your soul, grabbing your heart, and you are reading these FAQs it probably IS for you. But, we encourage you to apply to truly find out. We can review your application and schedule a complimentary consult to really see if it’s a great fit.

My secret is though I’m well-off, I shoplifted constantly as a kid and well into my 20s. It made me feel powerful. But as a VP, I got caught on camera, stealing a co-worker’s sweatshirt! I was fired. But the Secret-Breaking System allowed me to face and move beyond those old patterns. I made amends to the co-worker and my employer and they re-hired me.

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Cameron, Secret-breaker
Why do we need a ten-stage system to do all this?
Because whether small, silly or serious, we’ve all been conditioned to play by the rules, hide our secrets and let them define us and those patterns are deeply ingrained in us. We lean into our secrets, the story, the drama, the shame and get comfortable. Our dirty little secrets are serious business because they have tentacles that keep our entire lives small.
Curious about secrets that I have heard from hundreds of women in my professional and personal life as a Master Certified Coach, trainer and mentor? Here are a few:
...and on and on and on.
Are you ready to courageously create change in your life?
Break free now by joining us on this secret breaking journey.
We’re currently taking applications for the Dirty Little Secrets Intensive Program that starts October 2022.
We’d love to see what you’re up to, and if it’s the right fit for you. We have a few questions, and then we’ll set up a call to reserve your spot!
You Are Stronger Than Your Secrets