3 Fun Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the trust one puts in their own self. This trust in one’s abilities and judgment can be gauged by a person’s body language, the way they speak, and the way they interact with others. Having faith in one’s self is pivotal to feeling physically and mentally healthy. Unfortunately, many people struggle to find this faith and trust in themselves.

The good news is that self-confidence is an acquired skill and that it’s possible to develop self-assurance through thoughtful strategies. Here are three fun ways to increase your self-confidence:

1. Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else

In a 2018 study, researchers found a link between self-esteem and envy. The study revealed a direct association between self-confidence instability and benign envy. In simpler terms, people who always compare themselves to others experience many negative emotions, including resentment. These negative emotions lead to reduced self-esteem over time.

Every person’s life follows a different path. Comparing your life to someone else’s is nothing but a waste of time. If you want to boost your self-confidence, you have to end the comparison game. Make conscious efforts to notice the moments when you compare your achievements, possessions, life, and journey with that of others. Evaluate how you feel in those moments. Comparing yourself to others will inevitably make you feel smaller. Thus, this habit is incompatible with sustained self-confidence.

Next time you find that you’re comparing yourself to others, deliberately end that train of thought. Remember that comparing yourself to others will make you feel either superior or inferior, both of which are futile emotions that do little for yourself or the other person.

2. Affirm Yourself

The mind begins to believe what you repeatedly tell it. Thus, if you lack self-confidence, your mind will feel the palpable negative energy and start acting accordingly. The trick to feeling self-confident is to condition your mind to believe in your capabilities.

How can you condition your mind to believe in yourself? It’s simple: affirm yourself. Social psychology plays a vital role in inciting self-esteem. Self-affirmation exercises can immensely help people with low self-confidence. Say positive and stimulating things to yourself to keep yourself motivated.

Don’t do this practice only when you are feeling depressed, but all the time. Say these things with firm conviction and belief. You can only convince your mind when you yourself are convinced.

Devote some time to writing down positive thoughts. Think of something that you value in your life and write about it. This exercise will help you feel grateful and positive. It’s equally important to get rid of people who bring you down and prompt negative thought patterns. Purge your life of as much negativity as possible and instead find time to help others. Both of these exercises will help you see yourself in a better light.

Several studies have revealed that positive affirmations can improve people’s lives. They are a great way to rewire the mind and encourage the subconscious to believe better ideas.

3. Take Good Care of Yourself

Modern life isn’t easy. Human beings deal with immense stress on a day-to-day basis. From the office to home, almost every aspect of life has become more chaotic and stressful than ever before. This stress affects the way we think and this haze can blur our understanding of ourselves.

Stress also makes people susceptible to negative emotions, such as anger, fear, aggression, hate, and sadness. These emotions often overpower your self-confidence; thus, it is essential to deal with stress and take good care of yourself.

Self-confidence depends not only on emotions, but also on physical wellness. It’s important to make time to work on yourself. Hit the gym when you have time. Indulge in activities that you are passionate about like dancing or volunteering.

An important thing that most people ignore is sleep. A good night’s sleep reinvigorates the brain and improves function. It also leads to higher productivity, and overall mental and physical well being


Confident people worry less and do more. They are able to enjoy life in a much more holistic way. People who believe in themselves are far more likely to succeed in life than people who are always questioning themselves. The importance of self-confidence cannot be underestimated.

Some seem blessed with naturally healthy self-esteem that allows them to wade through life, knowing they can conquer every challenge. But for many people, confidence can feel like an uphill battle. Luckily, we all can increase our self-confidence by making conscious and deliberate changes to the way we live.

Erika Long loves corgis, curry and comedy. Always searching for the next great snuggle, flavor or laugh, she inspires people to live their best life now. When not writing, Erika can be found at her local brewery dominating Harry Potter trivia night.

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