I lost my job four months ago, and although I was excited about what was next, I had a great desire to make spiritually-centered decisions that would not only affect me but my husband and step daughters. Gretchen embodies this innate ability to identify a person’s strengths and brings a laser-beam focus to the challenges we face when we are overwhelmed by life. She held a sacred place for me to discover what is really holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. Her visionary approach inspired me to see the big picture through the muddiness of my fear. Gretchen demonstrated dependable follow through that held me accountable for my actions, saw the details of my needs, helped me organize them by importance and then assisted me with executing a simple plan that gave me a sense of relief revealing I CAN accomplish my dreams. I was blown away every week at the underlining block paralyzing me from moving forward, transforming fear into faith, and finding the key to unlock what is truly in my heart: a deep desire to be of service to my family and to my community. Gretchen’s empathetic spirit was exactly what I needed to coach me through this season of my life. I highly encourage anyone who is seeking their life’s purpose to work with Gretchen, her gifts will not be lost on you.

Esperanza Evans

Since working with Gretchen my business productivity has significantly increased. Each week, she helps me get laser focused so that I can go out and effectively do my job with enthusiasm. When I leave a session I feel reenergized and excited to get back in the game, with a strategy that I can achieve and execute. She has given me the skills I need to maximize my potential in my corporate career. In addition, she has helped me identify the valuable things in my life, like taking care of my health and connecting with my family. It has been a joy to remember the parts of myself that ignite me and to bring them into the present. I came to her for business coaching and my entire life transformed.

Sarah Purdum

Financial Services Professional with Capstone Partners

My sessions with Gretchen were very helpful. I am preparing for my retirement and working with Gretchen helped me to articulate my mission and vision statements and identify action steps. Gretchen has very strong communication skills. What she does is very customized for you! She can help any one – starting in life, turning a new page or thinking about retirement.
I found Gretchen to be easy to talk to. She relates well with all types of clients. She is worth the investment.

Gary Chapman

Investment Banker for Charles Schwab

Just 2 yrs ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 yrs of age. My prognosis was good but I just couldn’t get my head straight. I had a successful career and wonderful family but I was fraught with worry. Gretchen expertly helped me talk through the trauma and re-instilled in me my focus, my productivity…my greatness! If I ever again experience a bump in the road, I won’t hesitate to go to Gretchen for her compassion and inspiration. I highly recommend her as a life-coach.

Annie Canosa

Gretchen has a special skill of REALLY listening. Through some of the exercises she took me through I was able to find clarity and resolve some long outstanding issues that have prevented me from moving forward in my life. I highly recommend her should you also be finding yourself “stuck” and wanting to pass through that phase and get on with your life.

Rochelle Dunn

I have worked with many Business Coaches throughout my professional life. I believe in coaching because no matter how brilliant I might be- I still can’t see the back of my head! Working with has been absolutely the best experience I have ever had with a Coach! She is very different than other coaches I’ve worked with. They usually emphasize doing more tasks and working and seem to be working from a formula that sometimes doesn’t fit me or motivate me.
Gretchen has the ability to focus in on what I am struggling with in myself. It is an inside job! She has helped me to remove the blocks that keep me from moving ahead in all areas of my life. With her help, I have already created more business for myself. But more importantly, my whole life is getting more balanced. I have a Big life and she is helping me learn to live it and manage it with ease! She is amazing! I highly recommend her to Business people as well as Artists that struggle with procrastination, disorganization, shame, and issues of self-esteem and self worth. She works to help me be a happy and productive citizen on this planet with joy and kindness to myself and the people around me! What a gift!! Thank you Gretchen!

Carol Huston

Director of Architectural Division, Wish Sotheby’s

I’ve hired two other coaches. But Gretchen, is in a league of her own. She merges personal understanding with business savvy and operates with a smooth, assuring style. The heavy lifting of getting me prepared to grow my business feels more like having a cup of coffee with a good friend. Thank you, Gretchen! Also, Gretchen’s Intake process is very thorough; it really helped me prioritize the areas for immediate attention versus those that wait a little. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.

Christopher Meyer

CEO of GORILLAdigital