what is it?

An Entrepreneurial Mastery Immersive Retreat where who you’re being and what you’re doing collide.

Tactical, practical, and emotional, this immersive focuses on the three magic parts that every entrepreneur needs for success:
Who you're being.
What you're doing.
And what you aren't seeing.
be. do. serve.
You will be a part of a select group of entrepreneurs who alongside you, will share their knowledge, strategies and best business and personal advice so that you can coalesce who you’re being and what you’re doing to create meaningful results.

here and now:

People tend to either rush toward the end of the year (Q4) and rev up their intensity or throw up their hands and think – I’ll hit it hard next year. This experience is a chance to get away and slow down (pause), and have fun with others while learning together to work on your businesses, beingness, and vision. Doing this in a beautiful setting away from home will enhance your creativity and give the mind the freedom it needs to explore what’s possible. You will be with other committed businesspeople who will share and contribute their best ideas and lessons learned.

We will work on your vision, strategy, blocks, and blind spots. By looking at who you’re being, we can create what you should be doing to end 2022 strong and usher in 2023 in a way that will make your future self do cartwheels.

Think Tanks based on topics will be created onsite and are a chance to learn, collaborate, and share ideas with your business peers on topics that are most important to you.

here’s what you
will work on:

During this 3-day intensive you will:
Coalescent is for Entrepreneurs who:


October – 6th – 9th (can check out as late as the 10th)


single room
(six available)
shared room
with 2 Queen Beds
(one available)
shared room
with Large Bunk Bed
(one available)
2-hour individualized session with Gretchen
(3 spots available)
what's included
meals included

want a spot?

To be considered, send an email to [email protected] explaining how you would use this opportunity to enhance your personal and professional experience, and share the unique spark you would bring to the group.

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